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perch / окунь, насест, перч
имя существительное
perch, bass
perch, roost, henroost
perch, climb, clamber
садиться на насест
сажать на насест
имя существительное
a thing on which a bird alights or roosts, typically a branch or a horizontal rod or bar in a birdcage.
Dead branches also make perfect perches for resting birds and are good places to hang feeders.
an edible freshwater fish with a high spiny dorsal fin, dark vertical bars on the body, and orange lower fins.
Out back of the house, oak, hemlock and cedar trees crown a path toward a 30-acre lake stocked with largemouth bass, yellow perch , pumpkinseed sunfish, and more.
a linear or square rod (see rod ( sense 3 ) ).
This strange measure undoubtedly is related to other archaisms such as the furlong, the perch and the fathom.
(of a bird) alight or rest on something.
a herring gull perched on the mast
He looked up from his book, observing them from his safe perch in the corner.
In the sudden cold and darkness, their rooftop perch seemed precarious.
Her design provides a steeply raked underlit playing area upon which the actors perch precariously.
She was sitting in on this session and got down from her perch on the windowsill.
A pair of birds fly down and perch on the tombstone.
She half raises an eyebrow from her perch on the kitchen couch.
the budgerigar shuffled along its perch
No one's perch overlooks anyone else's - even in the less expensive rooms and lodgings.
Scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaws, and hosts of smaller birds perch together in their hundreds to excavate the best clay layer along a riverbank.
The other stocking waves shyly from its precarious perch atop a tilted lampshade.