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perception / восприятие, ощущение, понимание
имя существительное
perception, reception, spirit, intussusception
feeling, sensation, sense, feel, perception
understanding, insight, comprehension, conception, realization, perception
имя существительное
the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
the normal limits to human perception
The book radically challenged the public's perception of mental health and its treatment.
To bring science closer to human perception has been the main aim of my work.
Their perception and insight into people is frighteningly accurate.
Each organ of sense perception responds to a particular sensation that leads to cognition.
When her survey group becomes lost inside the cave, the author uses the experience to propel questions of the duplicity of maps and the ambiguities of human perception .
When the critical stimulus is compatible with the first response, the corresponding code is occupied and perception of that stimulus is impaired.
Such an approach further challenges popular perception .
“He wouldn't have accepted,” said my mother with unusual perception
Eyesight is a gift, as precious as life itself, since our experience, memory and way of thinking is intrinsically linked with our visual perception of the world.
You won't read this for the prose, the insight or the critical perception , but it's the fan book for fans who prefer lies, gossip and rumours to mundane day-to-day truth.