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peppery / острый, вспыльчивый, едкий
имя прилагательное
acute, sharp, keen, spicy, poignant, peppery
testy, irascible, violent, fiery, wildcat, peppery
caustic, pungent, acrid, corrosive, tart, peppery
имя прилагательное
strongly flavored with pepper or other hot spices.
a hot, peppery dish
It has small, pointed, dark green aromatic leaves that have a herby, peppery flavour and are delicious in bean and pulse dishes.
The presence of this peppery spice in his diet should bring health-boosting effects in the long term.
In the same vein, we know that real pesto, literally denoting ‘paste’, is a marvellous, heady mix of pounded sweet, peppery basil, sea salt, garlic, cheese, pine nuts and olive oil from Liguria.
Rich and juicy aromas of ripe plum and black cherry with mild peppery scents offer mild flavours of clove before a rip-roaring juicy fruit bursts through leading to ripe yet firm tannins taking you on a long finish.
Other sea food choices include seared red snapper, steamed flying fish served with crab meat on a bed of local pilaf rice, or grilled Cajun swordfish dished out with a peppery pineapple-melon salsa.
The initial attack is warm, but not hot, and the tequila immediately fills the mouth with spicy, peppery flavors.
To partner spicy or peppery dishes, New World Cabernets and Merlots generally stand up better than their European equivalents.
I lit it with a match and inhaled peppery gas strongly.
While the chef had been generous with the chicken pieces, the dish was bland - warm and peppery rather than a genuine curry.
All Scottish bakers who make the bun have their own spice mix, and flavours range from strong peppery versions to milder cinnamon-flavoured ones.