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penury / нужда, бедность, недостаток
имя существительное
need, want, distress, poverty, necessity, penury
poverty, poorness, misery, indigence, penury, need
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, penury
имя существительное
extreme poverty; destitution.
he died in a state of virtual penury
Living a life in penury , they have sold everything.
He was reduced to living in penury in miserable exile in France; and on his return to York he was imprisoned for three months.
He was not a poverty-stricken peasant's son looking to escape penury .
he couldn't face another year of penury
But despite his outstanding gifts he's soon in penury again because the crocodile he has adopted is scaring off potential clients.
If we all looked, acted, thought and behaved as badly as spammers do, our world would be reduced to desperate penury .
After slaving to bring up children and nursemaid a man while simultaneously working to boost the family's income, they are the ones left to live out a lonely and unglamorous old age in penury .
he died in a state of virtual penury
In a globalized economy, it imposes penury on trading partners, especially the poorest countries.
Bastille Day in France commemorates the French Revolution and reminds us of one of the most unpleasant and blood-soaked regimes ever to have reduced a country to penury .