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penurious / бедный, скупой, скудный
имя прилагательное
poor, lean, penniless, meager, humble, penurious
stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, miser, penurious
scarce, meager, scanty, scant, lean, penurious
имя прилагательное
extremely poor; poverty-stricken.
a penurious old tramp
parsimonious; mean.
he was generous and hospitable in contrast to his stingy and penurious wife
It is rather penurious reasoning too, knowing what we know about the geo-strategic priorities of the United States at this conjuncture.
His poems continuously make us understand the penurious effects of genocide in communal riots.
She never recovered from the Great Depression and lived a penurious existence to the end.
Your plan to spend everything you have and more as soon as possible seems a certain recipe for a penurious old age.
This, as you might appreciate, presents many problems for a man with the soul of a tortured and penurious poet.
Once some penurious student has finished loading up a piece of art into her van, it immediately gains in value.
He had grown up in a penurious middle-class family, and it was the middle class and the official world which predominated in his sketches, stories, and plays.
One promising effort is intended to increase the low personal savings rate in the U.S., which could doom many people to a penurious retirement.
Was the students' act bordering on something like savagery when they took advantage of the workers' penurious state?
But then again, memory is cheaper than at any time I've ever known it, and 1 GB of RAM is affordable by all but those in the most penurious of situations.