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penultimate / предпоследний
имя прилагательное
penultimate, penult
имя существительное
предпоследний слог
penultimate, penult, penultima
имя прилагательное
last but one in a series of things; second to the last.
the penultimate chapter of the book
This season we have had eight different drivers winning races and a three-way title fight up to the penultimate round.
He dropped right out of contention before they jumped the penultimate fence.
It took a while to pass from the penultimate bus-stop to the stop outside the Tube, but that is far from remarkable.
This book, the penultimate volume of a projected three volume set is, if you are going to buy one, the one to buy.
As the tension mounted during the penultimate test of the day, less than four seconds separated the top six finishers.
He was even part of the penultimate match in the third round at Sandwich.
His score was the fifth best of all time, despite only taking the lead after the penultimate event.
The penultimate step came in July 1998 when he was made executive director and chief operating officer.
The penultimate volume will unlock the key to the whole series, with one leading character being killed off.
Posting one of the fastest times, she was unlucky to nudge a pole at the penultimate fence to finish eighth overall.