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pentathlon / пятиборье
имя существительное
имя существительное
an athletic event comprising five different events for each competitor, in particular (also modern pentathlon ) a men's event involving fencing, shooting, swimming, riding, and cross-country running.
Thorpe was the sensation of the 1912 Stockholm Olympics and won the pentathlon and decathlon gold medals by huge margins.
She won a gold medal in the pentathlon event at the 1972 Munich games.
The 1912 Olympics in Stockholm are best remembered for Jim Thorpe's world record successes in the most demanding track and field events, the pentathlon and the decathlon.
The first Olympic victor in the long jump was Lampis of Sparta, who in 708 B.C. won the pentathlon - a contest consisting of five separate events, including the long jump.
The guys who were best at the pentathlon wouldn't be the best at the specialty events, but people would admire their versatility and great skill.
If pentathlon loses its Olympic status, its supporters argue, the sport will wither and die.
After winning the pentathlon at the Olympic Games, probably in 444 BC, he went on to write one of the first training manuals.
They show particular eminence in fencing, wrestling, pentathlon , swimming and canoeing.
Mary Peters, 1972 Olympic champion in the pentathlon , the forerunner of the heptathlon, describes her, wonderfully, as ‘part gazelle, part kangaroo’.
He would recover, though, and go on to win the silver medal in the pentathlon at the 1996 Olympics.
Baseball might be right up with pentathlon and synchronised swimming among sports of dubious Olympian pedigree.