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pension / пансионат, пенсия, пансион
имя существительное
pension, home
pension, benefit
guesthouse, boarding house, pension, boarding school, board and lodging, bed and board
назначать пенсию
subsidize, sponsor, bankroll, back, pension, subventionize
имя существительное
a regular payment made during a person's retirement from an investment fund to which that person or their employer has contributed during their working life.
Regular contributions to a pension scheme were, we were told, a guarantee of a secure old age.
a boarding house in France and other European countries, providing full or partial board at a fixed rate.
Of course, it's a typical beautiful Austrian small town with lots of pensions , hotels and restaurants for the traveler.
dismiss someone from employment, typically because of age or ill health, and pay them a pension.
he was pensioned off from the army at the end of the war
A company can get a deduction for contributions made to the pension scheme of its directors and employees.
He also has a personal pension and has created a pension scheme for employees, including his son, Adam.
If an employer shuts a pension scheme today it still has to pay the benefits promised by that scheme for decades.
However, there is no cap on how much your employer can contribute to your pension in a tax year.
the company pension scheme
When the employee leaves an employment he can continue to contribute to the pension in his next employment.
Employers who do not operate a pension scheme or employees who are not eligible for a company scheme are the main targets.
Most pension schemes will allow employees to continue working with the agreement of their employer.
The fund will be bankrolled by levies on employers offering occupational pension schemes.
Your duty is merely to offer access to a pension scheme, but employees do not have to take up your offer.