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penmanship / почерк, чистописание, каллиграфия
имя существительное
handwriting, hand, writing, script, penmanship, calligraphy
calligraphy, penmanship
calligraphy, penmanship
имя существительное
the art or skill of writing by hand.
These penmanship skills were part of both boys’ and girls' education.
The rest of the morning was filled with academic lessons: Math, History, Poetry, Greek, Latin, Gaelic, English and penmanship .
Upon this paper was only a single word, his name, and it was crafted in a fine golden penmanship .
Every six weeks, semester, or year, we receive a scorecard as to how we have performed against the standards of penmanship , scientific understanding, and corporate budgets.
I would almost suggest this young chap take up writing instead of drawing, but one look at this penmanship and I know that would be just as futile a pursuit.
Her eyes sped across the paper, taking in every letter of her cramped penmanship .
Writing them out may have been partly an exercise in penmanship - he employed the flourishes of someone who is proud of a newly acquired skill - but the Rules were also obviously meant to be learned.
Her professors used to tease her about her careful penmanship , told her all real doctors had illegible scrawl, but she would just smile and tell them patients appreciate knowing what their prescription slips actually said.
Instead of the smooth, cursive penmanship he was used to, he saw large, printed letters.
When I sat down, I was surprised to find the words flying around my head, begging to be the next one scrawled on the page in my less-than-perfect penmanship .
The sunlight was bright on his face, but he ignored the glare, his attention fixed mainly on the scratchy penmanship appearing beneath his quill pen, and occasionally, on the inkpot resting at his foot.