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penitentiary / пенитенциарный, исправительный
имя прилагательное
correctional, corrective, remedial, penitentiary, reformatory, reformative
имя существительное
исправительный дом
penitentiary, bridewell
каторжная тюрьма
имя существительное
a prison for people convicted of serious crimes.
Only about 20 of the more than 1,000 prisoners at the federal penitentiary have been convicted of crimes; many have spent years awaiting trial.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a priest charged with certain aspects of the administration of the sacrament of penance.
If John Doe is sentenced to a term of imprisonment and later goes out of his mind, the state may continue to keep him in the penitentiary for the duration of his sentence.
Rehabilitation for the youthful is unlikely if imprisonment is served in a penitentiary rather than a reformatory.
Susan, when you first pull up at the institute as they call it, the jail, the penitentiary , everything I imagine that you have been through before kind of fades away as you realize you're going to be confined behind bars.
Although the almshouse did not eliminate poverty any more than the penitentiary did crime, 1820s Baltimore attested to the optimism of a dynamic age.
Jones had been convicted in 1972 of fatally stabbing another inmate while doing time at a federal penitentiary in Petersburg, Va.
He was one of the 11 other convicts at the penitentiary who were so treated.
I sentence you on count two to two years and seven months' imprisonment in the penitentiary .
Instead she probes the reality of life inside the penitentiary 's walls, examining convicts' responses to incarceration and the construction of an inmate subculture.
Transportation to Australia or incarceration in one of the new penitentiary prisons became the standard punishment for serious, non-homicidal offenders.
As I was setting up to photograph in a storage building that houses the cremated remains, prisoners from the local penitentiary were called in to clean up some of the mess in the adjacent hallway, crematorium, and autopsy room.