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penetrative / проникающий, резкий, проницательный
имя прилагательное
penetrating, penetrative, pervasive, permeant, engrained, ingrained
cutting, sharp, abrupt, harsh, severe, penetrative
discerning, penetrating, shrewd, astute, perspicacious, penetrative
piercing, shrill, shrilly, penetrating, sharp, penetrative
имя прилагательное
able to make a way into or through something.
the gunpowder weapons have extra penetrative power
having or showing deep understanding and insight.
a remarkably thorough and penetrative survey of the organization's work
Much severe civilian trauma is blunt, arising from road traffic accidents rather than from penetrative fragments and bullets, blast, and burns.
But the pressures against great power war are very strong, and the penetrative effect of an expanding global economy continues to grow.
The penetrative , unremitting power of her PR had so convinced the newspapers, and through them everyone, including many of my fellow scientists, that my own truths counted for nothing.
File was the main battle formation for infantry, its formation in depth increased the troops' penetrative power yet claimed too many lives.
Silicon and Teflon do nothing for the penetrative properties of a bullet.
The soldiers have to work on their three quarters - they must prove penetrative in attack.
Then the Wolfhill forward line proved their superior penetrative powers and accuracy when PJ Rowan doubled their advantage on 35 minutes.
This method of penetrative observation leads one to realize deeply that the awakened mind is not separate from the deluded mind, and that behind the illumination, there is neither one who illumines nor one who is illumined.
There are no other thinkers of that period, the 19th century, who really had such a penetrative insight into the relationship between ecological crises and the construction of our society.
Once large-caliber explosive shells become the norm in the 1880s and 1890s, however, it was rare for the resistive power of a ship's armor to equal the penetrative power of its biggest guns.