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penetration / проникновение, проникание, проницаемость
имя существительное
penetration, infiltration, vision, pervasion
penetration, permeation
permeability, penetration, penetrability
имя существительное
the action or process of making a way through or into something.
the plant grows in clear, still waters where there is strong sunlight penetration
the perceptive understanding of complex matters.
the survey shows subtlety and penetration
Ranked among the Fortune 100 companies, their performance and market penetration is increasing by the day.
It was significant that, even though the visitors tried to establish their authority straight from the kick-off, they were unable to find the required penetration or inspiration to pierce Scotland.
But the market penetration of content security products is about 30%.
they had failed to make any penetration into new energy markets
At the end of 2001, internet penetration in Ireland rose 1% to 34% of the population.
She said the number of new stores will depend on market penetration .
It was over target in relation to achieving customer penetration .
In Latin America and in some emerging markets in Southeast Asia, direct selling penetration and our market share are unbelievably strong.
Working quickly, she dug into the center of her bag for dry clothes that had avoided the driving penetration of the cool October rain and pulled on a sweatshirt and well-worn jeans.
International aid is tied directly to the restructuring programme and facilitates the penetration of global corporations.