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penetrate / проникать, проходить, вникать
permeate, penetrate, pierce, enter, infiltrate, seep
pass, penetrate, go, run, cover, go by
penetrate, fathom, introspect
succeed in forcing a way into or through (a thing).
the shrapnel had penetrated his head and chest
He said there was need to certify the forests in Zambia if the forest products were to penetrate the European market.
But if Scottish companies are going to penetrate the market, they have to become a lot more aggressive with their marketing.
The idea was to use armoured force to penetrate deep into the enemy rear in order to destroy its command and control systems.
She paused as the words made a valiant effort to penetrate her mind.
Arthur's eyes fixed onto the paper, finding an understanding there while Gawaine's words would not penetrate .
Everything seems fine, until sales suddenly hit a ceiling that the company cannot penetrate .
Firewall is a software which blocks suspicious potentially dangerous connections to preventing viruses from network to penetrate into your system.
But it's beginning to penetrate the housing market; I have solar panels on my roof now for example.
Mel echoed, letting the words slowly penetrate .
The weakness of sterling is another challenge for the company, as imports penetrate the Irish market from the North and Britain.