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penetrable / проницаемый
имя прилагательное
permeable, pervious, penetrable
имя прилагательное
allowing things to pass through; permeable.
the outer membrane is penetrable
possible to understand; understandable.
the translation makes the original text penetrable
The result can be criticism that is less penetrable than the work it addresses.
Topical drug penetration, for example in the use of a cell penetrable peptide approach to enhance penetration of therapeutic compounds into skin.
This is a form of deep culture that is not necessarily penetrable solely by money, free fees or student loans.
Logic is less vulnerable, less penetrable .
It's not penetrable by facts.
But what makes a penetrable , a comprehensible world?
Holsten is also available in an unbreakable plastic bottle, but the bottle is green and penetrable by light, and therefore not a great choice to have out in the sunlight.
His screenplay is naturalistic, contemporary and penetrable , thus overcoming a presumed difficulty with the original language used in the text.
It is something that occurs in the human mind, which is not penetrable by the senses of another person.
Space itself became his motionless laboratory: flat, penetrable , yet forever the same.