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pendulum / маятник, неустойчивый человек, неустойчивый предмет
имя существительное
pendulum, balance, bob, balance wheel, ticker, swing of the pendulum
неустойчивый человек
неустойчивый предмет
имя существительное
a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely backward and forward, especially a rod with a weight at the end that regulates the mechanism of a clock.
If I then release the weight the pendulum begins to swing.
He constructed the first pendulum clock with a device to ensure that the pendulum was isochronous by forcing the pendulum to swing in a cycloid arc.
It was hot, sticky day in the French capital and the match began with the stately tempo of a grandfather clock's pendulum .
You see, all mechanical clocks are driven by a weight, like a pendulum , or a tightly wound spring.
Those are the days when the cycling mental pendulum is at its polar extremes.
the pendulum of fashion
With his interest in the measurement of time, he then discovered the pendulum could be a regulator of clocks.
the pendulum of fashion
He used the involute of a circle in his first pendulum clock in an attempt to force the pendulum to swing in the path of a cycloid.
This motion can be described in terms of a differential equation, and in the case of small swings of the pendulum this equation can be solved to find the time of the swing.
Sometimes the pendulum is at one extreme or another as the result of the push of forces for change.