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pending / в ожидании, вплоть до, в течение
в ожидании
вплоть до
up to, pending
в течение
for, during, within, over, in, pending
имя прилагательное
ожидающий решения
pending, pendant, pendent
expected, pending, anticipated, prospective, due, forthcoming
unfinished, incomplete, pending, pendent, unclosed, undone
имя прилагательное
awaiting decision or settlement.
nine cases were still pending
until (something) happens or takes place.
they were released on bail pending an appeal
He was charged with intimidation or assault of a flight crew and detained pending a bail hearing on Friday.
When they were released pending a prosecution appeal, they immediately fled the country.
That path would not be open to him under pending legislation to deny benefits to illegal aliens who lied to get work.
Some members of Congress are bracing for what they say is a pending man-made financial disaster.
The convention and the agreement containing the amendments remain pending in this committee.
My decision with respect to costs shall be reserved pending receipt of written submissions from the parties.
He was jailed for two months, but was released on bail pending his appeal.
By now the number of drink driving cases pending locally runs decisively into three figures.
A post-mortem examination was due to be held on Tuesday and an inquest will be opened and adjourned pending inquiries.
A decision is pending at the present time and further review is also available by the Supreme Court.