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pendent / подвеска, кулон, брелок
имя существительное
suspension, pendant, hanger, pendent, drop, pod
pendant, coulomb, pendent, lavaliere
charm, trinket, pendant, bibelot, pendent
имя прилагательное
suspended, dangling, pendent, floppy, pending, pendulous
unfinished, incomplete, pending, pendent, unclosed, undone
unsolved, unsettled, undecided, open, pending, pendent
имя прилагательное
hanging down or overhanging.
pendent lichens
undecided; pending.
the use of jurisdiction to decide pendent claims
(especially of a sentence) incomplete; not having a finite verb.
Assistance if now available locally to any group or individual making an application for the pendent alarm.
The plants creep over the bark substrate and sometimes have elongate irregularly branched pendent branches.
At one minute you are struggling for space, and suddenly you emerge upon a Gothic-looking hall, full of gracefully pendent stalactites.
Community Support for older people under the 2005 scheme - Personal telephone alarm with pendent panic button.
Personal telephone alarm with pendent panic button applications must be in by May 17th.
Additionally, they assert jurisdiction for their common-law tort claims under principles of pendent and ancillary jurisdiction.
We do not anticipate making further comments during the pendency of the judicial process.
The courts are also powerless to ensure maintenance for herself and her children during the pendency of the trial.
And it is in effect and will remain in effect for the pendency of the case.
One of the reasons for pendency is lack of adequate staff.