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pendant / кулон, подвеска, шкентель
имя существительное
pendant, coulomb, pendent, lavaliere
suspension, pendant, hanger, pendent, drop, pod
pendant, pendent, pennant
имя прилагательное
suspension, suspended, pendant, hanging, overhead, pendulous
dangling, loppy, pendant, pendent, pensile, adroop
hanging, pendant, suspension, suspended, pendent, pendulous
имя прилагательное
hanging downward; pendent.
pendant flowers on frail stems
имя существительное
a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck.
Gold and silver jewellery pendants , earrings and bracelets in the shape of hearts, have made their appearance.
an artistic, literary, or musical composition intended to match or complement another.
the triptych's pendant will occupy the corresponding wall in the south transept
Arbors encourage you to look skyward, better to admire high-flying roses or pendant clusters of grapes.
The front door opens into a wide hall which, like the receptions rooms leading off it, has solid beech flooring, plain coving and pendant lighting.
A pendant figure, the executioner, kneels to sharpen the blade that will peel the satyr's skin from his body.
He tied a ribbon around her neck with a diamond pendant hanging from it.
When she told me she has a phobia about wearing anything on her wrist, I gave her a pendant watch (which she still does not wear).
Only male plants produce the silvery pendant catkins this plant is known for, and the variety ‘James Roof’ is king of the swingers.
Rise and fall flexes from pendant lights mean you can pull the light down for atmosphere and push up for more general light.
Neat rows of pendant lamps hang from the ceiling, and the walls are covered in mirrors and blue-and-white tiles.
When the pendant hung around my neck, my mother smiled, ‘It looks beautiful on you Isabel.’
Then a necklace pendant that she had once had, and then an earring.