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pencil / карандаш, кисть, манера
имя существительное
pencil, style
brush, paintbrush, tassel, raceme, cluster, pencil
manner, style, way, fashion, mannerism, pencil
draw, depict, design, pencil, depicture, feature
рисовать карандашом
plot, pencil
имя существительное
an instrument for writing or drawing, consisting of a thin stick of graphite or a similar substance enclosed in a long thin piece of wood or fixed in a metal or plastic case.
He received some money from a federal welfare program and tried selling pencils .
write, draw, or color (something) with a pencil.
a previous owner has penciled their name inside the cover
The exhibition features 80 paintings of the alumni in different art medium, be it abstract, digital, sketches in pencil or portraits.
He laid the pencil and drawing paper carefully onto his bureau.
A big rubber thing with a beam like a broadsword and a pencil torch.
Taking an eyeliner pencil , I closed my eyes, stuck it between my lids, and swept it across.
The resulting sketch maps were hand-drawn on blank paper in pencil and black ink.
The thin line of his pencil transcribes the desert light and, for the first time in this exhibition, a unique and unmistakable vision appears.
Use lightning-fast strokes of brow pencil to help define brows that are well-groomed.
She got as much necklaces and bracelet's as she could find, then very timidly she picked up an eyeliner pencil .
The bar staff are dressed in school uniform with prefect badges and kohl pencil freckles and the clientele are sipping shrimp flavored vodka shooters.
Fan beam and pencil beam machines can scan laterally around the side of a patient, which is useful for measuring the bone density of the lumbar spine.