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penchant / склонность
имя существительное
tendency, propensity, inclination, penchant, addiction, bent
имя существительное
a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something.
he has a penchant for adopting stray dogs
That is a perennial weakness of princes - a penchant for false-hearted favourites.
This year's federal election campaign still suggests a penchant for refusing to confront reality.
Just ask its programming boss, an energetic philosophy graduate with a penchant for John Stuart Mill.
History in Edinburgh has a peculiar penchant for throwing together people, politics and passion.
As well as a love of vegetables he has a penchant for historical documentaries.
he has a penchant for adopting stray dogs
We've all encountered characters with a penchant for telling tall tales.
He also has a penchant for catchy one-liners, ideally suited to television.
The pictures show a country with a truly biased curriculum and a penchant for martyrdom.
Bet you didn't know I was a whizz knitter with a special penchant for fancy multi-coloured designs.