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penance / покаяние, наказание, епитимья
имя существительное
repentance, penance, penitence
punishment, penalty, chastisement, judgment, discipline, penance
penance, discipline
налагать епитимью
имя существительное
voluntary self-punishment inflicted as an outward expression of repentance for having done wrong.
he had done public penance for those hasty words
a Christian sacrament in which a member of the Church confesses sins to a priest and is given absolution.
The penitent then leaves the confessional and goes and prays his penance in the church.
impose a penance on.
a hair shirt to penance him for his folly in offending
For instance, if in an emotional dream you injured someone intentionally, you could perform a simple penance the next day to atone, such as fasting one meal.
For centuries, confession or penance (as it was alternatively called) was the linchpin of the Catholic sacramental economy.
This is the reason why we go to them for penance (the sacrament for confession of sins or repentance).
I simply mean that they are now living the suffering they've inflicted on others as penance for their sins.
Will eternity be long enough to allow the penance required?
These monasteries would be places where the primary purpose would be to search for the face of God, sharing in the redemptive work of Christ in prayer and penance .
If he did, a public penance would be imposed and his sin would be absolved.
I'm doing my duty and my penance now, but I'll always be a woman who loves a good show.
Every week they sinned quite a bit but on a Friday they would go and confess, do whatever they had to do as penance , then go out sinning again.
This word cannot be understood to mean sacramental penance , i.e., confession and satisfaction, which is administered by the priests.