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pelvis / таз, лоханка, почечная лоханка
имя существительное
pelvis, basin, bowl, pan, washbowl
почечная лоханка
имя существительное
the large bony structure near the base of the spine to which the hind limbs or legs are attached in humans and many other vertebrates.
He lived only ten weeks after his diagnosis, the disease having already metastasized to his spine and bony pelvis , femur, skull, and tibia.
the broadened top part of the ureter into which the kidney tubules drain.
The nephrectomy specimen revealed a dilated renal pelvis and ureter.
They are usually found in groups in different places throughout the body, including the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen, pelvis , and groin.
Computed tomography scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis showed a nodular density in the lung but no other abnormalities.
A fracture of the pelvis may tear the urethra and/or rupture the bladder.
This misplaced tissue may be found on the ovaries, uterus, bowel, pelvis and abdomen.
She says that the relationship of the pelvis to the spine and the limbs is fundamental to most contemporary dance techniques.
While in radiology, a computed tomographic scan-guided needle biopsy of a tumor nodule in the bony pelvis was conducted.
In addition, the attachment between the pelvis and the vertebral column enlarged to provide additional strength in response to an increase in the amount of force generated by the hind limbs.
About a million people in the UK have the illness, which leads to accelerated bone growth, particularly in the skull, pelvis , spine, thighs and shins.
But they feel for the upper part of their pelvis , the bony part, and the lower part of the rib cage, and that's the space in which they're measuring.
It had already metastasized to his spinal column and his bony pelvis , femurs, skull, and tibia.