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pellet / шарик, гранула, пуля
имя существительное
ball, bead, bulb, pellet, globule, bolus
granule, pellet
bullet, shot, slug, ball, projectile, pellet
pellet, pelt, play, fusillade, bump, crump
имя существительное
a small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance.
fish food pellets
form or shape (a substance, especially animal food) into pellets.
If you can find a feed mill that grinds its own mash frequently that is a better choice than preserved, pelleted food (which may contain cheap, low-quality ingredients).
hit with or as though with pellets.
the last drops of rain were pelleting the windshield
You know the experiment where the rats hit the bar for a food pellet ?
Percent volume of a prey type in a fecal pellet was visually estimated to the nearest 5%.
To give one example, a red pellet could contain substances such as potassium perchlorate and strontium carbonate, besides pitch as fuel and starch as binder.
Material was spun at 6000 rpm for 1 min to pellet nucleic acid, and supernatant was removed to a clean tube.
Indigestible materials like fur, feathers and insect exoskeletons, if swallowed, are regurgitated in a pellet .
Only later was my smugness undercut by the notion that the fly, dropping slowly through the water, could be mistaken by an artless fish for a hatchery pellet .
food pellet
After an initial 10-min centrifugation to pellet cell debris, the samples were processed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
It was teaming, the type rain that pellets the ground and makes grooves.
While inversely charged subatomic particles were a lot harder to dodge than shotgun pellets , they still were painful to get hit by.