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pell-mell / путаница, неразбериха, беспорядок
имя существительное
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, pell-mell
confusion, muddle, mix, bewilderment, snafu, pell-mell
mess, disorder, clutter, confusion, chaos, pell-mell
disorderly, irregularly, confusedly, helter-skelter, hugger-mugger, pell-mell
in confusion, in a jumble, in chaos, pell-mell
как попало
wild, slapdash, helter-skelter, pell-mell
имя прилагательное
messy, disorderly, random, erratic, indiscriminate, pell-mell
имя прилагательное
recklessly hasty or disorganized; headlong.
steering the pell-mell development of Europe onto a new and more gradual course
in a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner.
the contents of the sacks were thrown pell-mell to the ground
имя существительное
a state of affairs or collection of things characterized by haste or confusion.
the pell-mell of ascending gables and roof tiles
When we first see him he is running pell-mell through the streets of Edinburgh before he is cornered.
A red rope separates about 30 of us from the groaning, pressing mass of humanity that's about to charge pell-mell into the freezing San Francisco Bay.
Bernard embarked on pell-mell international expansion, building strong operations across the rest of Europe, Asia and Latin America.
What's been largely missing, though, through these pell-mell days, has been the time to rethink pat agendas rather than fit the facts around them - or the imagination to give the suckers on all sides an even break.
Unrelenting tosh, it mixes dodgy accents with over-ripe dialogue, hammy performances and the kind of pell-mell pace that leaves little room for subtlety or reflection.
Yet stealthily he has displayed a tactical nous in Europe even if the pell-mell of the Premiership, especially away from home, remains a mystery to his enigmatic and infuriating charges.
We are hunting venison, not hurtling pell-mell to our deaths!
The forwards spent most of the match running pell-mell into each other and then cheating like crazy at the breakdown.
Thus, for decades, corporations and individuals have bored deep into fossil water, which is not replenishable - a pell-mell water mining that has left what remains as brackish as the sea.
The clowns are delivering their aid in the most personal way, with not just a joke and a smile, but hugs and tears and the pell-mell of circus-like performances.