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pelican / пеликан
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large gregarious waterbird with a long bill, an extensible throat pouch for scooping up fish, and mainly white or gray plumage.
Most of the postcranial elements belong to continental waterbirds, including pelicans , anhingas, herons, storks, ducks, and rails.
When the grey pelican scooped up the group of goslings, two of them were caught by the huge bird.
The white pelican , however, is a threatened species.
Unfortunately, since ancient times, it has been the male pelican that has been said to wound himself in this way, and the pelican has thus always been a symbol of paternal sacrifice.
It's known, however, that species ranging from pelican to ducks and waders are caught for consumption.
The pelican is a symbol of self-sacrifice, and a Masonic symbol of resurrection!
Two celery glasses made for them have the same pelican imagery engraved above a wide band of diamonds and diagonal blaze cuts.
This act of self-vulning, in which the female pelican pecks blood from her chest to feed her young, symbolizes Christ feeding the faithful.
Among the nearly 200 species found here are thicket tinamou, brown pelican , osprey, king vulture, and laughing gull.
The white pelican of North America is a large, web-footed bird with an enormous throat pouch for scooping up fish.
Seabirds like pelicans , penguins, and cormorants are highly vulnerable to oil, which can cover their feathers with a gluelike substance that can immobilize the animals.