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peg / колышек, колок, вешалка
имя существительное
peg, stick, fid
peg, pin
hanger, rack, peg, tab, rail, shoulder
прикреплять колышком
peg, peg down, peg in, peg out
aim, point, peg, level, present
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, peg
имя существительное
a short cylindrical piece of wood, metal, or plastic, typically tapered at one end, that is used for holding things together, hanging things on, or marking a position.
We rode to the lake where I saw 3 more horses tied to a peg stuck in the ground.
a measure of liquor.
have a peg of whiskey
a strong throw, especially in baseball.
Meanwhile, Santa rounded third and headed for home, as the shortstop finally came to his senses and threw a perfect peg to catcher Yunir Garcia, who held the ball in a collision at the plate.
fix or make fast with a peg or pegs.
drape individual plants with nets, pegging down the edges
fix (a price, rate, or amount) at a particular level.
A student loan starts accruing interest from the moment it is borrowed, but the interest rate is pegged to the retail price index.
throw (a ball) hard and low, especially in baseball.
the catcher pegs the ball to the first baseman
polyethylene glycol.
The peg has served us very well for more than 21 years and given us the stability we needed over the Asian financial crisis.
Under flexible rates, central banks need not use interest rates to preserve an exchange-rate peg .
the Mexican peso, linked to the dollar by a crawling peg, was distinctly too high
He went and told Grierson about the bet that he had with Barua - a peg of whisky, which would knock a mule over.
We rode to the lake where I saw 3 more horses tied to a peg stuck in the ground.
The peg from shortstop required unimaginable effort.
I have a good right peg and the ball ended up in the back of the net
she put her mack on a peg in the hall
Now, the government has admitted it can't sustain its old policies, of which the dollar peg is the last vestige.
have a peg of whiskey