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peephole / глазок, смотровое отверстие, смотровая щель
имя существительное
eye, peephole, eyelet, spyhole, eyehole, ocellus
смотровое отверстие
manhole, peephole
смотровая щель
имя существительное
a small hole that may be looked through, especially one in a door through which visitors may be identified before the door is opened.
The little peephole in the door opened up and a face appeared.
He went to the door and, without bothering with the peephole , he flung the door open.
I suddenly realize that the peephole in the door facing mine is also open and that there's an eye behind it.
I squinted out the peephole and saw Kevin smiling brightly at me.
Nonetheless, I looked through the peephole before unbolting the door to admit Duncan.
She looked through the peephole and smiled as she opened the door.
He frowned before making his way over and peering out the peephole in the door.
He turned the television off and went to the front door, checking the peephole before answering.
she was wearing a black peephole bra
Through the peephole in her door, Joanne could recognize the children as the ones on the news.
He looked through the peephole in the door and saw Ryan standing there.