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peep / писк, щель, взгляд украдкой
имя существительное
squeak, peep, cheep, piping
gap, slot, slit, crack, crevice, peep
взгляд украдкой
peek, peep, squint, covert glance, stealthy glance
pry, peep, keek, pry into, kike, pry about
look into, peek, peep, peep into, peek in
squeak, peep, cheep, pipe, pip, squall
имя существительное
a quick or furtive look.
Jonathan took a peep at his watch
a high-pitched feeble sound made by a young bird or mammal.
It starts off with three or four high-pitched peeps in rather quick succession; then the bird launches into a raspy, guttural shriek; and then the bird whistles a few warbling notes as a coda.
look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening.
the door was ajar and she couldn't resist peeping in
make a cheeping or beeping sound.
He jumped all over her shoulders and her head and sailed around her in circles, squawking and peeping his joy.
Especially since we never hear a peep of complaint about the millions of dollars of research funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
The bigger kids said it was haunted so it was obviously too much of a temptation for any 10 year old not to take a quick peep through the window.
black curls and a peep of gold earring
We didn't hear another peep from them all week.
Jonathan took a peep at his watch
The parakeet flew up and landed on her shoulder with another peep , his little sounds were words that Nichol alone understood.
It was amazing, because there was not one peep from our closest geographical member of Parliament from the National Party.
But he offered not a peep of protest or criticism.
Vast swathes of ideological ground have been abandoned without a peep of protest from the grassroots nor a hint of rebellion or division.
The little girl was happily babbling and taking in her new surroundings with awe and she hadn't made a single fussy peep .