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peelings / очистки, шелуха, лузга
имя существительное
peelings, paring, scum, scourings
husk, peel, hull, shell, shuck, peelings
peelings, shucks, pod
имя существительное
strips of the outer skin of a vegetable or fruit.
potato peelings
The peelings of the potatoes were littered all around her, and the shade of the pine tree provided some cool protection from the sun above.
Fruit and vegetable peelings , tea bags, coffee grounds and egg shells can all be composted.
I finished off my tangerine and dumped the peelings into my lunch bag.
The lawn isn't growing and we don't have enough veggie peelings to fill it.
potato peelings
He explained that items such as used tea bags, left over turkey and vegetable peelings - which were all binned - could instead have been put in a green bin and used to create compost.
Provide worms with food wastes such as vegetable peelings .
Mr Flannery explained: ‘Each class has taken responsibility to store pencil parings and fruit peelings in a special compost bin.’
Now is also a good time to start making your own home compost from fruit and vegetable peelings and fallen leaves or branches strewn around the garden.
It is better to give them grain such as wheat and vegetation, for example potato peelings .