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peeler / шелушильная машина, энергичный человек, полицейский
имя существительное
шелушильная машина
энергичный человек
peeler, hustler, dynamo, rustler, demon, devil
police, policeman, police officer, cop, officer, peeler
имя существительное
a device for removing the skin from fruit and vegetables.
a potato peeler
a police officer.
Is the word peeler the correct slang for a police officer?
Use a vegetable peeler to remove colorful strips from squash, carrots or zucchini and sprinkle them on a plain-looking entrée.
Using a Y-shaped potato peeler , shred the zucchini into fine ribbons.
I ran out of time this morning, so I just grabbed a couple of carrots and my new vegetable peeler .
Using a potato peeler , peel the cucumber into wide strips.
Other presents asked for include a potato peeler at a modest £4, a spatula at £6, a ladle at £6 and other kitchen instruments.
She admired my cheap but effective vegetable peeler , commenting approvingly, ‘very good, no waste,’ in her brisk, clipped tones.
a potato peeler
Remove thin shavings from the Parmesan with a vegetable peeler and scatter them over the pasta.
Is the word peeler the correct slang for a police officer?
Unlike summer squash, butternut squash has a hard, inedible skin that is easily removed with a vegetable peeler .