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peek / быстрый взгляд, взгляд украдкой
имя существительное
быстрый взгляд
peek, glance, glimpse, dekko, eyebeam, eyewink
взгляд украдкой
peek, peep, squint, covert glance, stealthy glance
look into, peek, peep, peep into, peek in
имя существительное
a quick and typically furtive look.
a peek through the window showed that the taxi had arrived
look quickly, typically in a furtive manner.
faces peeked from behind the curtains
she sneaked a peek at the map
Every now and then he heard a mumble or something else that caused him to sneak a quick peek at her.
It's worth staying there to experience the sheer extravagance at first hand, or you could, of course, just ask the friendly reception staff for a quick peek .
After a quick peek toward the supervisor, I looked at the aircraft and instantly was sickened.
He planned to take a quick peek and size up the situation.
I wait for Diania to wake and dress, then I slip out of the storage facility and, still twitching, peek out into the room.
The sun was threatening to peek over the horizon, and Darion reluctantly stood to go.
He took a quick peek at his friend, that love sick look splattered oh so plainly across his face.
It started to rain inside the classroom although (after a quick peek at the window) it was sunny outside.
‘But I was dying to find our more, so seeing the lid was missing I thought I'd risk a quick peek ,’ he said.