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pee / мочиться, испускать мочу, мочиться кровью
urinate, pee, piss, wee, stale, piddle
испускать мочу
мочиться кровью
имя существительное
urine, piss, pee, water, stale, wee-wee
urination, micturition, pee
имя существительное
an act of urinating.
I really need to take a pee
the puppy was peeing on the carpet
she was bursting for a pee
Even if you walked into the men's room to take a pee .
I'd got up, as you do, to have a pee , and the next thing I can recall I was lying on my bathroom floor rubbing my head and uttering profanities out loud.
It literally sounds like a giant is taking a pee .
I really need to take a pee
I switched the torch off, nipped outside for a pee and had a think.
Meanwhile, apparently, in Brussels there is a statue of a wee fellow having a pee .
On the frequent occasion that she's covered in pee and and Jon has to take a few extra minutes to change her clothes, I can wallpaper the living room and mow the lawn.
Now that I stopped, every time I have to take a pee , it seems longer and when its done my stomach hurts.
Inside, hundreds more jammed the marbled foyer, busting for a pee or gagging for a drink but determined to be first up the stairs to the galleries.