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peduncle / плодоножка, цветоножка
имя существительное
peduncle, pedicel, pedicle
имя существительное
the stalk bearing a flower or fruit, or the main stalk of an inflorescence.
In angiosperms, trichomes may occur on leaves, petals, stems, petioles, peduncles and seed coats, depending on the species.
The skin of the caudal peduncle is wrapped by dermal fibers at very steep fiber angles.
Grape berries are borne on the end of a stalk, the pedicel, which in turn is borne on the bunchstem, or peduncle .
The twisting action allows the animal to use the flukes in conjunction with the peduncle as a rudder.
The reddish colour of the depistillated flower and its peduncle is a response to high light intensities during anthesis and should not be interpreted to indicate senescence.
The body of the fish is measured from the tip of the mouth to the caudal peduncle (end of the body wall muscle).
The plant was separated into roots, leaves, fruits, peduncle , and stem.
In addition to the tentacles, these extremities include the hypostome, the lower peduncle , which is committed to foot formation, and the foot.
The caudal fin and caudal peduncle usually have a pale yellow hue.
Thus, the peduncular vertebrae form a rigid bar, interposed between two relatively flexible joints.
Overall, the ovules in the most peduncular / basal positions within the ovary are less likely to be fertilized than those in the most stylar/distal positions.