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pedlar / разносчик, коробейник, торговец мелким товаром
имя существительное
peddler, pedlar, hawker, vender, packman, pedler
peddler, pedlar, duffer, pedler, chapman, faker
торговец мелким товаром
peddler, pedler, pedlar
the visit of the pedlar to Irish country houses was a very special event in the lives of children in the 1950s
In Australia, peddlers of illegal animal products are attempting to use one of the country's biggest e-commerce sites to sell items protected by national and international laws, as Emma Jolliff reports.
The illegal drugs were then transported to nearby Infanta town ahead of being distributed to illegal drug peddlers in Manila.
Operation Clean-Up has focused on the busiest burglars, robbers and drug pedlars who have persistently broken the law.
A majority of them are rag pickers, petty hawkers, shoeshine boys, beggars and sometimes, petty pickpockets and drug peddlers .
Drug peddlers and addicts are much in evidence.
Often abused, they fall prey to drug pedlars , pimps and child traffickers.
He felt drug peddlers and users could use the opportunity to trade and use drugs freely.
They become prey to illegal and untrained vendors, to peddlers of fake and stolen drugs.
It is well known that he was a street peddler illegally selling bootlegged tapes.