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pediment / фронтон, сандрик, щипец
имя существительное
gable, pediment, fronton, frontispiece, attic, frontal
gable, fronton, gabble, pediment
имя существительное
the triangular upper part of the front of a building in classical style, typically surmounting a portico of columns.
The city was gloriously clean, its classical columns and pediments and its baroque scrolls and volutes now clearly delineated by the shadows cast by an oblique sun on their pale surfaces.
The entablature and pediment of the portico are supported by two pairs of massive Ionic columns.
Next time you see a Venetian window, a triangular pediment , a coved gallery ceiling, or a Georgian terrace with lined stucco, remember who started it all.
At the toe of the slope a rock pediment can be found.
Trim the exterior of the door with finish carpentry such as columns and a crosshead pediment to extend the width of the door.
A massive pediment with entablature is supported by four Roman Doric columns on granite bases.
They followed the classic model of Greek temples, with their rectangular rows of columns, topped by beams and relieved by a triangular pediment .
Modelled on St. Peter's basilica in Rome, its façade is defined by Corinthian pilasters and a pediment , with a great central dome towering over them.
It was built in a style that would not be out of place in Rome or Athens: the ruins had porticoed and pedimented fronts, and were supported by carved Corinthian pillars.
With an original oak floor, this area also features a carved oak ceiling rose, pediments , cornices and architraves.
Of the two buildings on the hill, only one is pedimented , and therefore definitely a temple.