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pedicure / педикюр, педикюрша
имя существительное
pedicure, chiropody
делать педикюр
имя существительное
a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.
If you want to get into beauty treatments, have pedicures , because all your ills go to your feet.
give a cosmetic treatment to (the feet and toenails).
I'd barely set my pedicured foot into the school when I was approached by a guy with dyed jet-black hair and a gray gas station attendant's shirt that had ‘Ray ‘embroidered on the breast pocket.
a pedicure will make sure your feet look their best
On Saturdays, after I get a pedicure , I treat myself to pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni and a strawberry milkshake.
Nails are optional and if offered should be high-end nail services like a spa pedicure with foot mask, massage, exfoliation and footbath.
I'm a little self-conscious about how my feet look and a nice pedicure certainly pretties them up.
A pedicure is essential: wearing sandals without pretty feet or at least a lick of nail polish makes me cringe.
A manicure and a pedicure later, both girls were lying in their sleeping bags having their traditional sleepover chat.
Treat your feet to a pedicure at home once a week - and feel the difference!
If your feet and toenails are really banged up, consider getting a pedicure .
Just make sure you get a pretty pedicure to show off on the beach.
Treat yourself to a foot massage and pedicure and pick up a pair of candy-colored flip-flops - with some bright pink polish to match!