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pedicel / стебелек, ножка, цветоножка
имя существительное
stalk, pedicel, pedicle, stemlet
leg, foot, stalk, stem, pedicle, pedicel
peduncle, pedicel, pedicle
Every inflorescence of a marked branch was individually identified with a numbered tag tied to its pedicel and its number of flowers recorded.
The pedicel of the highest open flower on each inflorescence was tagged daily with a piece of dated tape for the duration of the experiment.
A longitudinal crest on the medial face of each pedicel of the neural arch gives the neural canal an eight-shaped cross section in its central part.
They taper to a narrow base or attachment point, which, in some specimens, has a short pedicel .
They arise from a permanent bony base on the frontals called a pedicel .
A few posterior dorsals have a pair of depressions ventral to the pedicel on the edge of the intervertebral face.
Near the base of the pedicel , the transverse process projects lateroventrally.
The flowers, on a stout pedicel , have a 5-dentate tubular calyx.
Ear cross sections: In maize, the spikelets are arranged in pairs, one pedicellate and one sessile.
Amphiumas also lack external gills (while retaining one of three pairs of larval gill slits), and their teeth are pedicellate .