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pedestrian / пешеходный, пеший, прозаический
имя прилагательное
pedestrian, unmounted, dismounted
prosaic, prosaical, prosy, pedestrian, unimaginative, earthly
имя существительное
pedestrian, footpassenger, footer, foot-slogger
имя прилагательное
lacking inspiration or excitement; dull.
disenchantment with their present, pedestrian lives
имя существительное
a person walking along a road or in a developed area.
The new crossing would improve conditions both for pedestrians and vehicles.
The second half was more pedestrian due to some extent to the pitch cutting up and also to Borris' big lead.
Halfway through this fairly pedestrian game matters were poised on a knife-edge.
In spite of the glowing praise on the back cover, it turned out to be very pedestrian and hum-drum.
The performance is so pedestrian it practically gets run over by a goey-filled truckie.
There is a good sting in its tail but it hardly justifies the one hundred pedestrian minutes which precede it.
His descriptions are often quite pedestrian and sometimes strangely inept.
Ironic that a comic with such revolutionary ideas should have such pedestrian objectives.
It's often imaginative, but the choppy and pedestrian delivery strongly stunts the acidic flavour.
Otherwise the same old struggle to make sense of what looks like very pedestrian work from last week.
Chiswick residents claim the crossing is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians .