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pedestal / пьедестал, подставка, основание
имя существительное
pedestal, base, stand
stand, rack, pedestal, support, coaster, rest
base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, pedestal
водружать на пьедестал
ставить на пьедестал
имя существительное
the base or support on which a statue, obelisk, or column is mounted.
But the designs show two nude male statues on pedestals in the entrance hall below vast battle paintings and two more in the great domed central hall.
a position in which someone is greatly or uncritically admired.
It's as if I'm on a pedestal and he worships me – I hate that
There is a heated towel rail, a tiled floor and a pedestal handbasin.
The white suite comprises a corner bath, pedestal wash basin and toilet.
Specially designed cabinets are intended to replace the washbasin pedestal with useful storage space.
Its en suite includes a bath with pedestal washbasin.
a pedestal washbasin
His various incarnations have accorded him iconic status, but his pedestal is not carved from stone.
The ascension to that pedestal may never happen.
The room has a tiled floor and features a white suite incorporating a panelled bath with telephone shower attachment and a pedestal wash hand basin.
I think that any writer who can attract readers should be honoured and put on a pedestal because we're rapidly becoming post-literate in the United States.
The statue's pedestal bears an inscription that reads ‘Love.’