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peddler / разносчик, коробейник, торговец мелким товаром
имя существительное
peddler, pedlar, hawker, vender, packman, pedler
peddler, pedlar, duffer, pedler, chapman, faker
торговец мелким товаром
peddler, pedler, pedlar
имя существительное
a person who goes from place to place selling small goods.
Tea vendors pass by, and peddlers sell clothes, snacks and herbs from strategic positions on the ground.
a drug peddler
a drug peddler
A peddler came into view, selling toys and candy and fun trinkets.
These were a very persistent variety of peddler that would not take a polite ‘No thank you’ for an answer (even when spoken in Thai).
No peddlers try to sell me jewelry, bottled water or not-quite-cold beer.
There were so many things for him to absorb, from the peddlers selling their wares on the jetty, to the fast transcars that zoomed up and down the crowded streets.
At first, peddlers sold handcrafted toys at fairs and door to door.
Her hand stroked the padded cushioning of a seat, and lingered over the fine lace that blurred and beautified the view of drunks and pedlars in the street below.
Large numbers became pedlars , selling very cheap household products, such as pots and pans.
The origins of the festival go back 200 years, when apprentices and servants had an afternoon's holiday to play ball games on the south bay beach, attracting pedlars selling refreshments in later years.