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peddle / торговать вразнос, размениваться на мелочи, заниматься мелочами
торговать вразнос
peddle, hawk, truck
размениваться на мелочи
niggle, peddle
заниматься мелочами
try to sell (something, especially small goods) by going from house to house or place to place.
he peddled art and printing materials around the country
The court heard she continued to peddle heroin after her arrest, and was on a conditional discharge and probation for two separate offences of shoplifting during the drug crimes.
Pushers peddle drugs hidden inside cigarette boxes spread out on the sidewalk.
I could be running out of the hospital now to peddle pharmacy-fresh methadone to junkies on the street.
Teenagers are being recruited by hardcore London-based criminal gangs to peddle drugs on the streets of Swindon.
Over the past 10 years or so, I have noted the return of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants who peddle goods up and down the country - on foot.
A plethora of street vendors enthusiastically peddle their wares a bottle's throw from the two pubs.
Trafficking is linked to international crime syndicates that peddle drugs, guns and false documents as well as people.
They took to the streets of the inner city to wash cars, sell cakes, peddle perfume, polish shoes and give massages and manicures, all in a bid to make a quick buck.
A former town centre security guard who rented a car for drug dealers to use to peddle heroin across Swindon has been jailed for a year.
Hundreds of vendors peddle everything from mutton kebabs and beef soup to fried twisted dough and steamed rose cakes.