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pedal / педаль, ножной рычаг
имя существительное
pedal, treadle
ножной рычаг
имя прилагательное
нажимать педали
работать педалями
ехать на велосипеде
pedal, wheel
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the foot or feet.
Scaphopods burrow by projecting their foot into the substrate and contracting pedal retractor muscles to pull the animal downward.
имя существительное
a foot-operated lever or control for a vehicle, musical instrument, or other mechanism, in particular.
The same format was often imitated at the organ, the pedal taking the bass and the manuals the treble lines.
move by working the pedals of a bicycle.
they pedaled along the canal towpath
She also is unafraid to be generous with the pedal , yet clarity isn't sacrificed.
Second, the brake and master cylinder rotate as the front end deforms, moving the clutch and brake pedal forward.
I took this opportunity, not only to answer her question and remind her of the proper name for the damper pedal , but also to explore the piano and how it worked.
Then I had to pedal on a bike for 10 minutes while she gradually beefed up the resistance and monitored my heart rate.
I shall not be able to manage a clutch pedal and stick shift for ever, and I know it.
One way of detecting a bent crank or a bent pedal spindle is to pedal backwards.
A roll was fitted in behind the front panel of the piano and then all the ‘pianist’ had to do was to pedal to keep the music flowing.
His feet buried the clutch and brake pedal into the floorboard.
The gear lever was at his right hand, the brake in the throttle pedal 's usual place.
This has resulted in the car getting a whole new steering system and a slightly revised brake pedal with shorter travel.