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peculiarity / особенность, странность, специфичность
имя существительное
feature, peculiarity, singularity, characteristic, particularity, trait
strangeness, oddity, weirdness, peculiarity, eccentricity, curiosity
specificity, peculiarity
имя существительное
an odd or unusual feature or habit.
for all his peculiarities, she finds his personality quite endearing
‘When you ask a Bulgarian a question it isn't the answer that matters, but the silence before the answer,’ Baker said, illustrating a peculiarity of Bulgarians.
Weather has also contributed to the seclusion and peculiarity of the Azores - stormy winter seas often prevent access to the smaller islands even by air for days at a time.
There's no accounting for the peculiarity of folks, and even less for our own peculiarities.
She breathed the cold air with a tint of peculiarity .
That brings me to the peculiarity of the present case, or rather to two peculiarities.
his essays characterized decency as a British peculiarity
In the meantime he acquired strange peculiarities of habits.
This peculiarity of the power supply in the village has become the butt of everybody's jokes.
He said: ‘Everything that has an old history, or an old ornament, or an old peculiarity , if it can be preserved, ought to be preserved.’
In the short history of opinion polling in this country, one feature - or peculiarity if you like - is impossible to miss.