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pectoral / грудной, нагрудный, пекторальный
имя прилагательное
chest, pectoral, sucking
имя существительное
нагрудное украшение
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the breast or chest.
pectoral development
имя существительное
a pectoral muscle.
The combined training group also completed 4 strengthening exercises targeting the pectorals , latissimus dorsi, gluteals, and quadriceps for 45 minutes.
While flat-bench presses hit the middle of the chest exceptionally well, for balanced pectoral development you want to focus on the upper and lower regions of your chest as well.
More specialized procedures such as buttock lifts and implants and pectoral implants are only performed by about 2% of surgeons.
The butterfly stretch is especially important in decreasing tightness in the pectoral region and the tricep stretch is beneficial to the axillary area.
Display of its large pectoral and dorsal fins gives the impression of even greater size.
The electrode wires are tunnelled up the arm to a control box located under the skin in the pectoral region.
The structures cover the head, neck, tail, and parts of both the pectoral and pelvic limbs.
But then I'm not sure what to make of all the people who have cosmetic surgery - breast augmentation, cheek bone implants, pectoral implants, nose jobs.
There's the burly athlete whose pectoral development is matched only by his unyielding vanity.
The fourth type of patient needs pectoral implants for treating injuries such as pectoral tears, which may leave defects and gaps if the repair of the muscle was not done soon after the injury.
He would then swim in very tight circles, rapidly vibrating his pectoral and caudal fins.