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pebble / галька, булыжник, голыш
имя существительное
pebble, shingle, beach, boulder, jack, nodule
cobblestone, cobble, rock, rubble, pebble, paving stone
мостить булыжником
cobble, pebble
посыпать галькой
имя существительное
a small stone made smooth and round by the action of water or sand.
We had sediments, river mud, pebbles rounded by water action, even the remains of aquatic plants on the site.
имя прилагательное
(of an eyeglass lens) very thick and convex.
pebble glasses
He was a small, bald man in his fifties with pebble glasses.
Doris spent the day throwing pebbles into dark water that absorbed every dream she ever had.
This is done with small stones or pebbles , or other convenient small objects.
On the pebbly beach we immediately encounter the first of the thousands of penguins we will meet over the next week and a half.
Just when you think you've gone the wrong way, the sea becomes visible ahead and the path opens out on to a glorious pebbled beach.
It appeared the boys had got themselves relatively merry before walking home along the pebbled beach.
The floor under the stairs is pebbled with a wall-length glass panel window overlooking the well-kept garden.
Scattered on the rocks around it is a rough circle of river smooth pebbles with holes in them.
This was the pebbly bit across the road from the shops.
All the kid has to do is to collect some smooth pebbles , each around the size of his or her palm.