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pearly / жемчужный, жемчужного цвета, похожий на жемчуг
имя прилагательное
pearl, pearly
жемчужного цвета
похожий на жемчуг
имя прилагательное
resembling a pearl in luster or color.
the pearly light of a clear, still dawn
He smiled and I could see his teeth were straight and pearly white.
In his own defence, he discloses that, though he is a Londoner to his pearly suit, he is nevertheless one-eighth Scottish on his mother's side, which doesn't even qualify him for a clan tartan.
One half of each was a light pearly green, and the other half was metallic green ringed with gold strips.
Translucent lips pulled back from pearly teeth in a wicked grin.
The pearly grey colour and rough texture forms an expressive contrast with the smooth white render.
In her rosy spring dress and pearly cream gloves, she looked the image of a genteel woman.
The head and breast were pearly gray, and the rest of the bird was rusty brown.
They're white, pearly , straight, and absolutely gorgeous.
Hector shut his eyes, to see his inner world, a blaze of swirling pearly colours.
I offered a charming smile of my own, showing pearly teeth.