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pear / груша, грушевое дерево
имя существительное
pear, punching bag, punching ball, punchbag, punchball
грушевое дерево
pear, pear-tree
имя существительное
a yellowish- or brownish-green edible fruit that is typically narrow at the stalk and wider toward the base, with sweet, slightly gritty flesh.
Sweet juicy fruits such as pears , grapes, watermelon and mangoes both nourish and cleanse.
the Eurasian tree that bears the pear.
So I indicated that my goal henceforth was the space between two prongs of a garden fork, whereas his was the expanse between an apple tree and a pear tree in our fruity back garden.
The fruit from the prickly pear - a cross between kiwi fruit and a ripe pear - is wonderful.
So far I have puréed and served apple, pear , sweet potato and avocado.
I peeked out and saw my pear tree in a suspicious yoga position.
Most of the time Geraldine sat under a pear tree laughing at Malcolm's dumb jokes.
Their sweet, candied taste adds elegance to tropical fruits, poached pears , and chocolate.
For Janie, the pear tree is the informing image against which all other trees are measured.
Citrus and stone fruits, pears , figs, and pineapple all respond to preservation by this method.
As we tuck into a colourful platter of fresh pineapple, watermelon, kiwi fruit, pears and bananas on the veranda, she cooks up sausages, bacon and pancakes.
When she was a teenager, 16 years old, she used to sit under the pear tree and dream about being a tree in bloom.
Today's crumble features bananas and pears , and a topping starring toasted pecans and bran flakes.