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peanut / арахис, земляной орех
имя существительное
peanut, groundnut, goober, monkeynut, earth-nut
земляной орех
peanut, groundnut, goober, pindar, monkeynut, earth-nut
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the oval seed of a South American plant, widely roasted and salted and eaten as a snack.
In western countries they are most familiar as roasted or salted peanuts , or in peanut butter or incorporated in confectionery.
the plant of the pea family that bears the peanut, which develops in pods that ripen underground. It is widely cultivated, especially in the southern US, and large quantities are used to make oil or animal feed.
Yucca, plantain, peanuts , sweet potatoes, and sugarcane are grown, as well as medicinal herbs.
He finally looked up at me and smiled, ‘Hey peanut .’
‘Here you go, peanut ,’ Adam handed them to his daughter.
‘Oh, peanut , I'm so sorry,’ he told her, kissing her forehead.
Garnish the plate with the almond tofu and crushed honey roasted peanuts .
All these foods had peanuts or peanut oil hidden inside.
But while other favourites Macedonia, Georgia and Bolivia, are pulling in the money, it's peanuts compared with Miss Ireland, he said.
The fresh peanuts are boiled in salt water and eaten warm.
How she loved to crunch them; dry roasted peanuts , macadamias, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and Brazils.
Milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, peanuts , and tree nuts cause most reactions.
In Indonesia multinational companies pay workers peanuts and export into Australia without having to pay any tariffs.