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peaked / остроконечный, заостренный, изможденный
имя прилагательное
pointed, spiky, gabled, peaked, sharp, ridged
pointed, acuminate, peaked, spiky, edged, edgy
haggard, gaunt, bushed, peaky, peaked
имя прилагательное
having a peak.
a peaked cap
(of a person) gaunt and pale from illness or fatigue.
you do look a little peaked
reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time.
its popularity peaked in the 1940s
decline in health and spirits; waste away.
I drove the A40, Pat beside me wearing a peaked officer's cap.
He didn't carry an umbrella, but wore his peaked cap to ward off the rain.
He seemed to be an old-fashioned post-man, with a crisp blue suit and peaked cap.
As I got out of the car I noted Geraldine was wearing a light blue zip-up top, matching blue trousers and a blue peaked cap.
‘But I have his hat,’ Josie told her, holding up the dripping tweed peaked cap.
He was wearing a white peaked baseball cap, blue jeans and a grey, long-sleeved cotton jacket.
Resplendent in white gloves and peaked cap, the traffic policeman watched helplessly.
Jenny Jones was a thin woman now, and looked peaked and sickly.
Some villages appeared to have been recently vacated, their neatly tended walled compounds of round mud huts and peaked thatched roofs empty of people and animals.
He was of medium build and wore dark jeans, a canvas coat and a peaked crash helmet with a luminous yellow design.