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peak / пик, вершина, максимум
имя существительное
peak, crest, pike, spire
vertex, top, summit, peak, apex, pinnacle
maximum, high, peak, superior limit
имя прилагательное
peak, of spades, awkward
maximum, maximal, top, peak, ultimate
record, peak
languish, waste away, pine, pine away, peak, waste
выступать острием
sharpen, exacerbate, aggravate, escalate, subtilize, peak
имя существительное
the pointed top of a mountain.
the snowy peaks rose against the blue of a cloudless sky
reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time.
its popularity peaked in the 1940s
decline in health and spirits; waste away.
имя прилагательное
greatest; maximum.
he did not expect to be anywhere near peak fitness until Christmas
A peak in the graph is expected to be centered around a site containing a balanced polymorphism.
However, cell cycle length was unaffected by this treatment, notwithstanding the presence of a small peak in the curve at 14 h.
It would take time to get back to my physical peak .
At his peak he was almost unstoppable and only the quality of competition limited his Scotland appearances to two.
His shares rode the dotcom boom all the way up to $130, making his 30,000 free share options worth almost $4 million at their peak .
The average likelihood shows a bell-shaped curve with the peak at the QTL position.
There are options worth exploring to reduce this peak demand.
It is cone shaped with a depression scooped out of its peak .
While the inner ring road has peak hour traffic of 12,000 vehicles, the intermediate ring road has 7,000.
By April 6, 1919, the agitations were at their peak .